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Site Assessments

Prior to project commencement or design, “AT DESIGN GROUP” can carry out an inspection to ensure it’s able to facilitate all of your requirements, but most importantly we help with suggestions to make sure that the space is fully optimised whilst keeping in mind budgetary costs.

With all site assessments to existing spaces it is important that there is no underutilised space as eradicating this could mean the difference between getting more furniture or even another room for staff.

If the site is a new space then there are a few considerations that have to be looked at, all of which are important in creating a successful build, of which:

  1. A feasibility study needs to be done on how much space is actually required, consideration needs to be given to the number of people working there, what are the storage requirements, is there a reception area, is there a need for meeting rooms and are there facilities for staff. Are there allowances for future growth and how flexible is the space to changes, ie: does it allow for business expansion and new products and services.
  2. We conduct a building appraisal on the ones you have chosen so that your choices are based on actual needs and planning.
  3. Provided are full 3 D drawings so that you can visualise exactly what the space will look like so that any last minute changes or requirements can be considered at this stage.
  4. We can help you to choose all of the office furniture so that it matches with the planned design whilst keeping in mind any branding, staffing requirements and budgetary constraints.
  5. Finally we ensure that the entire services requirements to the building are in place so that it is fully functional. The plan will specify what the requirements were, things like power, lighting, data, cooling and heating. It is at this stage that we cross check all the current and future requirements as this is where some of the cost blowout can happen as there is sometimes afterthought add-ons, ie: if there are no suspended ceilings or floor space, then running cables at a later stage for expansion can prove expensive. Also in this final stage the legalities surrounding the build is carefully assessed so that we maintain any restrictions and or building codes and adhere to any environmental planning requirements.