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At “AT DESIGN GROUP” we offer a range of comprehensive services that cover every stage of the design and construction process.

We provide a “one point of contact” service that has great advantages for our clients as it minimises the frustrations of having to deal with many suppliers.

The finer details is where you will really notice the benefits of having us on your team as we take care of all of the negotiations for the project, and make sure that nothing is missed..

Why choose us

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Our Process

There are 3 stages within our process that we focus on;

Design & Documentation
The “AT DESIGN GROUP” 3 stage process guarantees that we meet the needs of all our valuable clients and ensures continuity throughout the entire project. Our project management staff will do a series of site visits and have as many meetings as required so that our clients are confident that we have the complete picture. From there our design staff will do a series of presentations so that there is no error in interpretation which will then ensure that we are all on the same page.

If required we can also liaise on our clients behalf with engineers, architects or council members to ensure that due consideration is given to design aspects that require attention to detail and have certain specifications that need to be adhered to. We will work with our clients to ensure that all development application approvals are obtained and recommend solutions to any conditions that may be placed by councils. All design changes and build variations are carefully documented throughout the entire project.

Contract Preparation & Pricing Structure
When the design and documentation of your project has been completed, we then move to the next stage which is pricing and the preparation of work agreements and contracts. The pricing structure is presented clearly and from there we can draw up an agreement which both parties are happy with. Once the building license for the project is obtained we can proceed to issue all work orders to our tradespeople and order any of the materials that are required for the first stage of the build.

Construction Co-ordination & Interior Fit out
Since 1994, we have successfully completed hundreds of projects within a variety of industries. We have very strong track record in many industries, which in turn allows us to harness that experience and constantly deliver to you our customer exceptional quality of work. We have the expertise to manage from the smallest of projects, to the more customised jobs that require a tailored package.